Live cs-go reference

This documentation refers to the latest version of the API (2.13.8)

CS:GO frames contain the teams (array) playing, game, match, and tournament ids, as well as the current map (object), timestamp (integer), round (integer; starts at 1), and game_number (integer; starts at 1).

If the game has already ended, the game object's finished (boolean) key will update and will also contain the winner_id of the victorious team.

Unlike in League of Legends, the current_timestamp (integer) is not actually a timestamp, but the time elapsed since the beginning of the current round, in seconds. This makes it highly unreliable for timekeeping, and its inclusion is only for clients to easily differentiate frames.

The team objects in the counter_terrorists (array) and terrorists (array) each contain their id, name (string), score (integer) (score in the BO) and round_score (integer), as well as their players (array).

Player objects in the players (array) contain their id, name, kills, deaths, as well as whether the player is_alive (boolean).

Frame example

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