Summary: added detailed_stats data point to the tournament level and kills fixed in DotA2 team stats.


  • detailed_stats is now available at the tournament level. This field indicates whether tournament child matches should have detailed statistics available.


  • Kills for DotA2 teams have been fixed in the API, affecting the following endpoints:
    • /dota2/teams/{team_id_or_slug}/stats to stats.averages, stats.totals, total_stats.averages and total_stats.totals
    • /dota2/series/{serie_id_or_slug}/teams/{team_id_or_slug}/stats to stats.averages and stats.totals
    • /dota2/tournaments/{tournament_id_or_slug}/teams/{team_id_or_slug}/stats to stats.averages andstats.totals

Reference Documentation

  • Query parameters which have more than 1 input option now show the title, instead of the option number. For example, the /incidents endpoint takes several input types for the ID query parameter, those now being named:
    • Option 1 → LeagueID
    • Option 2 → MatchID
    • Option 3 → PlayerID
    • Option 4 → SerieID
    • Option 5 → TeamID
    • Option 6 → TournamentID