About players' age

Understand how to use the players age with the PandaScore REST API.

This article outlines how PandaScore provides information on players' age and the fallback solutions when exact player age is unavailable.



Most notably, betting operators need the age of players to assess whether offering bets is authorized in a given jurisdiction.

In the PandaScore API, the player object comes with two fields related to age — age and birthday.


The birthday is a null-able string:

  • formatted as YYYY-MM-DD, it is the player birth date
  • when null it means the birth date is unknown. In this scenario, you should also check the age field.


The age field is a null-able integer. When the birthday field is set, then the age is simply computed from the birth date.
The following section digs into how age should be handled when the birth date is unknown.

Unknown birth date

Even if a player's birth date is unknown (i.e. "birthday": null), the player's age can still be available.

In this scenario, our operations team will manually set the age field. Consequently, the age might be outdated. But the age never is greater than the player's actual age.

For information on specific endpoints, see Players.