League of Legends

Learn how PandaScore handles scenarios specific to League of Legends esports.

League of Legends is a 5-versus-5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). During a game, each player controls a character—a champion. By killing enemy champions and neutral monsters on the map, players acquire the resources necessary to gain levels and purchase items.

See list of champions with the LoL > List champions endpoint.
See list of items with the LoL > List items endpoint.

Patches & Versioning

Like many esports titles, League of Legends is regularly updated. Updates, commonly known as patches, change the balance of the game and the way it is played as a result.

In order to thoroughly cover the implications of such updates, PandaScore versions all League of Legends static resources (items, champions, etc) and provides the video game version for all matches.

Finding the differences between 2 versions of a champion

Using the LoL > List champions endpoint, we can retrieve a champion in its current state.

Making a request to /lol/champions?filter[name]=Sejuani to retrieve Sejuani gets a response like the following:

    "attackdamage": 66,
    "id": 2582,
    // other fields are removed for clarity
    "videogame_versions": [

The videogame_versions array show us that Sejuani was not updated from patch 9.22.1 to 9.24.2. The id 2582 will always return this version of Sejuani.



Actual results may vary. The following example uses API responses from this guide's writing time.

Using the Lol > List champions for a version endpoint, we can retrieve all champions for a given patch.

Making a request to https://api.pandascore.co/lol/versions/9.21.1/champions?filter[name]=Sejuani to retrieve Sejuani on patch 9.21.1 gets a response like the following.

    "attackdamage": 64,
    "id": 2533,
    // other fields are removed for clarity
    "videogame_versions": [

We can see that some fields have a different values here. In particular, this example shows that Sejuani's attack damage increased from 64 to 66 in patch 9.22.