Rate and connections limits

Learn how rate limits and maximum connections can affect your PandaScore integrations.

Usage of the PandaScore APIs is restricted depending on your plan. Your plan and your current usage are available on your dashboard.

For more information on plans, see Pricing.


Usage of the REST API is restricted by a rate limit, i.e. a maximum number of requests per hour. In every API response, the number of remaining requests is available in the response X-Rate-Limit-Remaining HTTP header. Below is a table summary of the rate limit per hour for each plan:

Plan NameRate Limit for the REST API
Schedules, Results & Context Data1k requests per hour
Historical & Post-Match Data10k requests per hour
Real-time Data (Basic)10k requests per hour
Real-time Data (Pro)10k requests per hour

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WebSockets API

The WebSockets API is available to those on either the Real-time Data (Basic) or the Real-time Data (Pro) plans. Both of these plans allow a maximum of 3 simultaneous connections to a given match.

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