Learn how to paginate results from the PandaScore REST API.

PandaScore paginates all resources collections. By default, all requests that return multiple resources will be limited to 50 items per page. The first page is always page 1.

Page number

The page[number] query parameter allows to request a specific page number.

To get the second page of LoL champions, use the following URL:


Page size

The page[size] query parameters allows to change the page size.

To get LoL champions with only 10 items per page, use the following URL:




Pages are limited to a maximum of 100 items per page.

Navigating pages

The Link header in the HTTP response contains data to navigate between pages.

Requesting /matches/upcoming will give a response that contains the following Link header:

<>; rel="last", <>; rel="next"

As this response returned the first page, only the link to the next and last pages are provided. Depending on which page is requested, different links can be provided via the Link header:

  • first — link to the first page
  • previous — link to the previous page
  • next — link to the next page
  • last — link to the last page

Additional response headers

PandaScore responses also contain the following HTTP headers:

  • X-Page — the current page number
  • X-Per-Page — the current page length
  • X-Total — the total count of items