🎞️ Frames

At the root of the frame you will find the dire and radiant keys, each containing the relevant team, as well as the current_timestamp (integer) in seconds, whether it is daytime (boolean) within the map (object), the tournament id, match id, and the game id accompanied by finished (boolean) informing you of whether or not the current game has ended. In addition, the winner_id will be set when the game has ended.

Within the team keys you will find a plethora of information which we shall cover key by key:

  • id: team id
  • score: games won by this team so far (integer)
  • towers: number of towers destroyed and remaining (integer; maximum 11)
  • barracks: number of barracks destroyed and remaining (integer; maximum 6)
  • players: team players and their information (array)

Team players are stored as objects in an array:

  • id: player id
  • name: player name (string)
  • hero: hero name and id (object)
  • level: hero level (integer)
  • alive: whether the player hero is alive (boolean)
  • cs: player creep score (integer)
  • kills: player kills (integer)
  • deaths: player deaths (integer)
  • assists: player assists (integer)

Frame example

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