🎞️ Frames

DotA2 frames provide an overview of the game, team statistics and player statistics.

Game overview
Each frame contains unique identifiers in the form of id's (integer) of the game, match and tournament, as well as the:

  • current_timestamp - time in-game, in seconds (integer).
  • daytime - whether it is daytime in the current map (boolean).

The fields finished (boolean) and winner_id (integer) are utilised to inform the user of the current game status. When the game ends, finished will return true, and the game winner_id will update to reflect the victorious team.

Team statistics
The dire and radiant objects are utilised to differentiate between team sides in the game. Each team side object will contain the team id (integer) and name (string), as well as their:

  • score - number of kills secured by the team (integer).
  • towers - number of towers destroyed (integer; maximum 11) and remaining (integer; maximum 11).
  • barracks - number of barracks destroyed (integer; maximum 6) and remaining (integer; maximum 6).

Player statistics
Team players are stored in the players array. Each player object contains their id (integer) and name (string) as well as their:

  • hero - hero id (integer) and name (string).
  • level - hero level (integer).
  • alive - whether the player is alive in-game (boolean). When a player dies in-game, alive will return false.
  • kills - player kills (integer).
  • deaths - player deaths (integer).
  • assists - player assists (integer).
  • last_hits - total last hits (the final hit to kill an enemy unit) in-game (integer).

Frame example