🎞️ Frames

Counter-Strike frames provide an overview of the game, team statistics and player statistics at a specific time in-game.

Game overview
Each frame informs the user of the game, match and tournament id's (integer), as well as the:

  • map - containing the id (integer) and name (string) of the map that has been chosen for the (object).
  • round - current round number in-game (integer).
  • current_timestamp - time elapsed since the beginning of the current round, in seconds (integer).
  • bomb_planted - whether the bomb is planted in the round (boolean).
  • paused - whether the game/round is currently paused (boolean).

The fields finished (boolean) and winner_id (integer) are utilised to inform the user of the current game status. When the game ends, finished will return true, and the game winner_id will update to highlight the victorious team.

Team statistics
Each team side is indicated by the counter_terrorists and terrorists objects. Each side object will contain the id (integer) and name (string) of the team, as well as their:

  • round_score - current round score of the team in-game (integer).
  • score - team score in the first-to/best-of match series (integer).

Player statistics
Participating players in a team are stored in the players array. Each player object contains their id (integer) and name (string) as well as their:

  • deaths - total deaths of the player (integer).
  • kills - total kills of the player (integer).
  • economy - in-game currency held by the player (integer).
  • primary_weapon - id (integer), name (string) and slug (string) of the weapon equipped in the player's primary slot (object).
  • secondary_weapon - id (integer), name (string) and slug (string) of the weapon equipped in the player's secondary slot (object).
  • hp - number of player health points remaining (integer).
  • is_alive - whether a player is alive in-game (boolean). When a player dies in a round, is_alive will return false.


Data points exclusive to the Pro Live Plan

Player primary_weapon, secondary_weapon and hp are only available for customers on the Pro Live plan.

Frame example

πŸ’₯ Events

Counter-Strike events display pivotal in-game moments, displaying a play-by-play timeline of the game.

All events have a unique identifier in the form of an id for the event, game and match (integer), as well as the following fields:

  • type - event type (string).
  • ts - event timestamp in milliseconds (integer).
  • payload - event detailed information (object).

A Counter-Strike event can be one of three types:

  • kill - displays an in-game kill, detailing the:
    • killer - id (integer), name (string) team_side (string) and weapon (object of the weapon id, name, slug and type) of the player which secured the kill.
    • victim- id (integer), name (string) and team_side (string) of the player which died from the kill event.
  • round_start - indicates the beginning of a round, displaying the:
    • score - the current round score of each team (array).
  • round_end - indicates the end of a round, highlighting the round:
    • outcome - the method in which the round ended, e.g. eliminated (string).
    • winner_team - the id (integer) and name (string) of the team which won the round.


Events are only available to customers on the Pro Live Plan

Events examples

Round start


Round end