League of Legends

🎞️ Frames

At the root of the frame you will find the red and blue keys, each containing the relevant team, as well as the current_timestamp (integer) in seconds, the tournament id, match id, and the game id accompanied by finished (boolean) informing you of whether or not the current game has ended.

With the Pro plan we add a paused (boolean) field, telling you whether the current game is paused or not.

Within the team keys you will find a plethora of information which we shall cover key by key:

  • id: team id
  • name: team name (string)
  • acronym: team acronym (string)
  • towers: number of towers destroyed (integer; maximum 13)
  • gold: total gold accumulated by the team (integer)
  • kills: total enemy players killed (integer)
  • drakes: total Drakes slaughtered (integer)
  • nashors: total Baron Nashors killed (integer)
  • herald: whether this team has killed the Rift Herald (integer; maximum 1)
  • inhibitors: inhibitors destroyed (integer)
  • score: games won by this team so far (integer)
  • players: team players and their information (object)

Team players are stored in an object, with the player's positions as the keys: top, jun, mid, adc, and sup.

  • id: player id
  • name: player name (string)
  • champion: champion id, name, and image url (object)
  • cs: player creep score, total count of enemy minions, aka "creeps", killed (integer)
  • level: champion level (integer)
  • kills: player kills (integer)
  • deaths: player deaths (integer)
  • assists: player assists (integer)
  • summoner_spells: summoner spell names and ids (array)
  • items: player items (array)
  • hp: champion remaining life, aka "hit points" (integer)

In League of Legends, players have seven items slots. These slots are not always filled in linear order. To reflect this, the item key for each player contains an array of size seven, each item described by its name and id, with empty item slots simply having the value null.

Frame example

πŸ’₯ Events

The event feed is a reflection of all of the kills happening during the game.

Alll events have the following fields:

  • id: event id (integer)
  • type: event type (string). Always kill_feed in League of Legends.
  • ts: event timestamp in milliseconds (integer)
  • ingame_timestamp: event timestamp in game in seconds (integer)
  • match: current match information (object)
  • game: current game information (object)
  • playload: event detailed information (object)

The payload object is structured as follow:

    "type": string,
    "killer": KillEntity,
    "killed": KillEntity

The payload type matches the killed entity. For example, if a Tower is destroyed, the payload type will be tower.
In the event that a player is killed by a "non-player", the kill is considered a suicide. So the payload type is suicide.

A KillEntity can be any of the following:

  • Baron Nashor - payload type: baron_nashor
  • Drake - payload type: drake
  • Inhibitor - can't be killer - payload type: Γ¬nhibitor
  • Minion - can't be killed - payload type: minion
  • Other - can't be killed - payload type: other
  • Player - payload type: player
  • Rift Herald - payload type: rift_herald
  • Tower - payload type: tower

Event example

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