League of Legends

🎞️ Frames

League of Legends frames provide an overview of the game, team statistics and player statistics.

Game overview
Each frame will indicate the id's (integer) of the game, match and tournament, as well as the:

  • current_timestamp - time elapsed since the beginning of the game, in seconds (integer).
  • paused - whether the game is currently paused (boolean).

The fields finished (boolean) and winner_id (integer) are utilised to inform the user of the current game status. When the game ends, finished will return true, and the game winner_id will update to reflect the victorious team.

Team statistics
The red and blue objects are utilised to differentiate between team sides in the game. Each side object will detail the team id (integer), name (string) and acronym (string), as well as their:

  • towers - number of towers destroyed (integer; maximum 13).
  • gold - gold accumulated by the team (integer).
  • kills - enemy players killed (integer).
  • drakes - Drakes killed (integer).
  • nashors- Baron Nashors killed (integer).
  • herald - Rift Heralds killed (integer; maximum 1).
  • inhibitors - number of inhibitors destroyed (integer).
  • score - games won by this team so far in the first-to/best-of match series (integer).
  • voidgrubs- voidgrubs killed (integer; maximum 6).

Player statistics
Team players are stored in the players object, with the player's positions/roles as the keys: top, jun, mid, adc, and sup. Each player object contains their id (integer) and name (string) for identification and their:

  • champion - containing the id, name, and image_url of the player's selected champion (object).
  • cs - player creep score, total count of enemy minions, aka "creeps", killed (integer).
  • level - champion level (integer).
  • kills - player kills (integer).
  • deaths - player deaths (integer).
  • assists- player assists (integer).
  • summoner_spells- the id's and name's of the summoner spells equipped by the player (array).
  • items - id's, name's and type's (i.e. trinket or item) of player items. Empty item slots simply have the value null. (array; maximum 7).
  • hp - champion remaining life, aka "hit points" (integer).


Data points exclusive to the Pro Live Plan

Player items, player hp, team herald , voidgrubs and paused are only available to customers on the Pro Live plan.

Frame example

πŸ‰ Events

The League of Legends event feed is a reflection of all of the player, epic monster and structural kills happening during the game.

All events have a unique identifier in the form of an id for the event, game and match (integer), as well as the following fields:

  • type - event type. Always kill_feed in League of Legends (string).
  • ts - event timestamp in milliseconds (integer).
  • ingame_timestamp - current in-game timestamp, in seconds (integer).
  • payload - event detailed information (object).

The payload object is structured as follows:

    "type": string,
    "assists": array of objects,
    "killer": KillEntity,
    "killed": KillEntity

Each player who assisted in an event is displayed in the assists array. The payload type matches the killed entity. For example, if a Tower is destroyed, the payload type will be tower. If a player is killed by a "non-player", the kill is considered a suicide, and the payload type is suicide.

A KillEntity can be any of the following:

  • baron_nashor - epic monster, Baron Nashor.
  • drake - epic monster, Drake/Dragon.
  • inhibitor - structure, can't be killer.
  • minion - battling units, can't be killed.
  • other - can't be killed.
  • player - player in-game.
  • rift_herald - epic monster, Rift Herald.
  • tower - structure, tower/turret.


Events are only available to customers on the Pro Live Plan

Events examples

Rift herald


Baron Nashor