Tournaments in-depth

Learn how to get tournaments participants, brackets, and standings using PandaScore REST API.

Tournaments are a key part of PandaScore data structure. In this section, we will go over some common use cases.

The following example makes use of the All video games > Tournaments endpoints. It's also possible to filter tournaments per video games using the video game-specific endpoints (i.e. the ones prefixed with /lol, /csgo, etc.)

Running, upcoming, and past tournaments

Since tournaments are the lowest level abstraction around matches, it's common to retrieve matches at the tournament level.

Retrieving the schedule of the active tournaments can be done with the All video games > Get running tournaments endpoint. Similar endpoints exists for past and upcoming tournaments.

Tournaments participants

To get the participants of a tournament, tournaments rosters should be used. Tournaments rosters can be retrieved in two ways.



Using the teams endpoints only gives the list of players that are currently signed under the organization.


During the first two phases of Flashpoint, Guardian stepped in for Dignitas due to visa approvals delay (source HLTV).

At that time, requesting the team members (/teams/3215) would have returned:

GeT_RiGhT - 17551
Hallzerk - 18347
Xizt - 17552
f0rest - 17553
friberg - 17554

(This is the line-up that was signed with Dignitas.)

While requesting the tournament roster for this team (/tournaments/3798/rosters) would have returned:

f0rest - 17553
Xizt - 17552
GuardiaN - 17525
GeT_RiGhT - 17551
friberg - 17554

(This is the line-up that was playing for Dignitas during this tournament.)

Tournaments brackets

Tournaments brackets are also known as the tree in elimination/knockout tournaments.

To recreate the tournaments brackets, PandaScore provides an API that creates a relationship between a match and its potential predecessors.
Predecessor matches are matches whose winner or loser will automatically be set as participant in a following match.

Using the All video games > Get tournament brackets endpoint, we can retrieve a list of matches with their predecessors defined in the previous_matches field.



Each object in the previous_matches array has two fields: match_id and type. The type indicates whether the opponent is the winner or the loser of the related match_id.

The recipe below shows how to build a binary tree using this list of matches with Node.js.



Use the previous_matches to know the potential participants to TBD vs TBD matches.

Tournament standings

Tournament standings can be retrieved using the All video games > Get tournament standings endpoint.