Get started with PandaScore APIs for real-time esports statistics.


PandaScore provides real-time esports statistics that fall under three categories.

Fixtures & Video game data — available for free.

Fixtures data includes all information about competitions, schedules and participants. This package also includes the video games static data e.g. maps, champions, and weapons.

Historical data — available in the Historical plan and above.

Historical data includes all of the post-game statistics. This package gives you access to all game statistics (eg. kills, deaths, assists) at the game-level or aggregated by competition.

Live data — available in the Live and Pro Live plans.

Live data includes game-level statistics that can be delivered in real-time. The default Live package gives you access to a feed of snapshots (called frames) taken at regular intervals. The Pro Live package also gives you access to a feed of real-time events (eg. first blood, bomb defused, etc).

All fixtures, historical data and video game data is retrieved via the REST API. Only the real-time in-game statistics are pushed via the WebSockets API.

To see which data points are included in each plan, refer to our Coverage.


  • This documentation — our guides to help you get up and running with our APIs.
  • API Reference — the complete reference of all available endpoints.
  • Support & Community — a Slack dedicated to our customers and developers community.

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